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Are You Ready for the Lawn of Your DREAMS?

Turf Defenders Lawns are…

  • Thick and lush
  • Minimal Weeds
  • Barefoot Approved
  • Resistant to Disease and Drought
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Your Amazing Lawn Starts with A Thorough Lawn Health Analysis…

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Pre-Emergent Weed Control Treatments

 These Treatments inhibit the germination of the weed seed. They are strictly the front line of defense in any chemical program. This treatment is applied in a broadcast liquid spray at the correct time, over several visits, throughout the year, preventing the main seed from growing and having the same weeds affect you every year!

Post-Emergent Weed Control Treatments

Utilizing the most effective chemicals, proprietary blends, and thorough applications methods. Selective herbicide formulations are thoroughly applied on every visit to control all weed types…

Summer and Winter Fertilization Applications

Ensure the turf is kept in optimum health with balanced, properly timed applications. Fertilization amounts, blends, and types are custom tailored based upon growth and soil conditions each season insuring a hearty, weed free crop of turf year after year. We apply fertilizer in granular form. This allows you to see the application and have peace of mind in your provider.

Lime/Gypsum Application

 for pH adjustment is essential in balancing of the soil’s pH level. This balance insures disease resistance and efficient nutrient uptake. We apply a maintenance amount of a professional strength product in the early winter.


What kind of results can I expect from your lawn treatments? The first and most obvious difference in your lawn will be that most of the weed in the lawn will begin to die. While some tough perennial weeds will require additional treatments, 2-4 weeks post treatment 80%-90% of the weeds will be all but dead. Once the early summer grow in begins your turf grass will begin to increase in density and color, filling in the bare spots left behind by the weeds.  Golf course quality will be attained in 4-6 treatments.


Are your treatments safe? Yes, we pride ourselves in making quality, safe applications, every job, every time… Or weed control products only require drying before you can enter the treated area. Utilizing low volume applications reduces drying time to usually not more than a few hours until dry. Weather plays a big part in the time it takes for the sprays to dry as well as affecting our ability to treat. We are also Stewards of our environment. We will never leave fertilizer scattered on pavement or sidewalks, over spray areas, or apply a pesticide that is not necessary.


How often do you treat? Our Turf Defender Lawn Health Plan is a comprehensive 8 round Plan that covers 365 days… We spray Pre-emergent herbicides in the Spring and Fall Season. We also apply Post-Emergent herbicide on every visit via either spot spray or broadcast application. Based upon Turf Type we will apply different blends of fertilizer in liquid and granular forms. We will also utilize micro-nutrients, iron, and spot applications of fungicides as required. Treatments occur every approximately every 30 – 45 days.

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