Irrigation & Drainage Services

A healthy lawn loves a functioning and properly adjusted irrigation system. Your lawn and landscape irrigation system is a key component in maintaining the quality and health of your property! Accurately placed water, at the right time, in the correct amounts will yield amazing results. Proper Irrigation practices yield disease free, and drought resistant turf grass. Your wallet, your grass, and the environment will thank you for taking the time to set your system up right!

Drainage is also a key Component to a healthy lawn. Standing water can cause erosion, Ruts in your yard, cause your grass to mould up and even worse, hold nasty bacteria. Let us help you with that!  Come the rainy season, when you are unable to Mow or enjoy your time outside due to such wet ground. We here at Turf Defenders Specialize in only the most efficient drainage systems. We will come out to your property, assess the property, grade and measure. Using this information we team up with professionals to design and install an efficient drainage system that will evacuate standing water within 24- 48 hours!

Seasonal Maintenance

Fall Irrigation Maintenance and Adjustment is an affordable and simple way to ensure your system is properly winterized in the fall, providing piece of mind that everything is operational in the spring. We will clear out your lines, remove, cap, and store your RPZ Valve preventing costly freeze ups. At the same time, we will disconnect your control unit and ensure everything is all set for Winter!

In Spring time, it’s time to reverse our Fall Service as well as test and adjust all heads to ensure adequate and thorough coverage. This is also the time to replace any damaged or malfunctioning heads or nozzles, clean out filtration screens, and adjust the system for a new seasons growth. We will also program the system for the season for you, of course!

Full Service Repairs

  • Head Replacement
  • Leak Repairs
  • Back-flow Preventor Repair (RPZ, PVB)
  • Controller Troubleshooting
  • Head Replacement
  • Valve Repair and Replacement

Installation & Design Services

  • Shrub Risers
  • Installations
  • Nozzle and Filter Replacements
  • Head Extensions and Raising
  • Controller Upgrades
  • Wireless System Upgrades
  • Environmental Sensors