The best Defense is a good offense and a crucial piece of the healthy lawn puzzle is A functioning and properly adjusted irrigation system. the correct amount of Water married with sunlight, airflow, and nutrients are key elements to the growth and health of turf grass. Equally important to turf health is soil that drains. avoid costly foundation issues, flooded lawns, dead and rotten grass and let the turf defenders solve your water woes!

Our super hero service guarantee!

we promise to provide you with an outstanding service experience. every job, every time! we back all of our work with our iron clad, satisfaction guarantee on every service we provide or your money back, no risk, no worries! we promise to provide responsible, safe applications, with you and your families safety always in mind!

what sets Turf Defenders Apart?

all turf defender plans are guaranteed to be

“Excellence in Customer Service…”

Thorough Treatment & inspection of the Turf on each visit

We spray the Grass not your Kid’s & Dog’s toys.

Pet Friendly Scheduling, and Applications

Responsible, Safe Applications

No Contracts, Commitments, or or confusing Terms.

We Pride Ourselves in Providing Excellence in Customer Service

​We Guarantee Dead Weeds and Healthy Grass!

More than just “Weed Control…”

Easy To Read Instructions on every visit.

Superior, Carbon Based Fertilizers made in the USA

Triple-Gate Check Guarantee