Pest Control Services

You invest a lot of time, effort, and money to create a beautiful lawn, just to have it ruined by pesky grub & insect invasions. They destroy the health of both your lawn and put your family’s health at risk. Turf Defenders Inc can take care of all of your Pest Control Service needs. From Armyworm Control to Flea & Tick Reduction, we’ve got you covered!

Armyworm Control Program

When the Army Worms start their march don’t be the only casualty on the block! Turf Defenders Inc has the right battle plan and tactics, to stop the Armyworm Advance! Armyworms go through 5 growth stages as caterpillars noted by their size and physical appearance. When the armyworms are grey and have a “Y” on their heads, prepare for lawn destruction overnight!

  • Stops the Invasion at the right time!
  • Contact control knocks the Army Worms down immediately and keeps them at bay
  • Keep your lawn healthy and green
  • No Contract or Commitments, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Fire Ant Control Program

Are you finally finished with the Fire Ants? Great News, Turf Defenders has an effective year long control strategy that will greatly reduce your fire ant frustrations. Your pets and Children will certainly thank you!

  • Combination Liquid and Granular Control Strategy
  • Effective Year-Round Control Guaranteed and Warrantied!
  • Safe for you, your kids, and your pets.
  • EPA Approved, Professional Strength Products!

Mosquito Reduction Program

Are you ready to take the fight to the mosquitoes this year? Turf Defenders Inc offers effective and affordable Mosquito Reduction plans to let you take your outdoor space back from the mosquitoes.

  • No more insect repellent on you or your kids
  • No more smelly candles, plants, torches, or gimmicks
  • Safe, Effective Chemical applications
  • Enjoy your Mosquito free space in under an hour
  • Perfect for special events, parties, weddings, etc.
  • Barrier Sprays effective up to 21+ days with regular applications
  • Affordable, No Contracts, or Commitments… Just our commitment to quality!
  • Organic Options available!

Flea and Tick Reduction Program

Say goodbye to painful tick removals, and itchy pets with a Turf Defenders Inc Flea and Tick Management Program. Have your parasite problems solved quickly and easily.

  • Effective programs quickly kill the fleas and ticks in the Lawn
  • Regular service visits ensure quality
  • Take your Outdoor space back
  • Safe for Pets, and People

Shrub and Bush Health Programs

Are your Crepe Myrtles Black, Hawthorns losing their luster, Landscape not so lush anymore? Turf Defenders Inc has the know how and the experience to bring the bushes and shrubs back to life…

  • Damaging Insect control strategy
  • Free Fungal and Viral disease diagnosis and control
  • Scale Reduction Plans for the Crepe Myrtles, Euonymus, Knock Out Roses, more…
  • Control Programs for Mites, Aphids, Scales, and other Insects
  • Weed Control, Fertilization, Soil Testing, and Amendments
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