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High Quality Weed Control Plans

Pre-Emergent Weed Control Treatments – These Treatments inhibit the germination of the weed seed as well as systemically attacking young weeds. Pre-Emergent herbicides are a front line of defense in any chemical program. These treatments are applied in a broadcast liquid spray or granular form at the correct time, over 4 visits in Spring, Fall, and Winter.

Post-Emergent Weed Control Treatments – utilizing the most effective chemicals, proprietary blends, and thorough applications methods. Selective herbicide formulations are thoroughly applied on every visit.

Full Season Fertilization

Summer and Winter Fertilization Applications- insure the turf is kept in optimum health with balanced, properly timed applications. Fertilization amounts, blends, and types are custom tailored based upon growth and soil conditions each season insuring a hearty, weed free crop of turf year after year. We apply fertilizer in granular form. This allows you to see the application and have peace of mind in your provider.

Amendments & Additives

Lime or Gypsum Application– for pH adjustment is essential in balancing of the soil’s pH level. This balance insures disease resistance and efficient nutrient uptake. We apply a maintenance amount of a professional strength product in the early winter.

Micro-Nutrients & Humic Acid – are applied to strengthen and develop the root system and optimize grass health, density, and color.

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